Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Watch-Shells™ affiliated with Rolex or any other watch brands?

A. No. Watch-Shells™ is an independent company offering customized anti-scratch shells in a non-official capacity to existing watch brands' official watches.

Q. How are Watch-Shells™ protectors manufactured?

A. All our products are handcrafted by our team. Our company runs a small, but strong watch shop in Seoul, Korea. All watch protectors are produced flawlessly based on the intended, original watch which has not been polished before. Therefore, we are confident in that we are much higher quality than other protectors which have been designed based on unoriginal watches.

Q. Can my watch corrode?

A. Don't worry. We have tested this thoroughly and have specially developed the products. These are painted protecting films but, not commercial. We developed watch protecting films to assure the safety of your skin and the 904L and 316L stainless steel. Watch-Shells™ does not contain any blends or chemicals, whatsoever. So, only pure-water is required for installing shells to your watch.

Q. If there no models available for your watch:

A. If you can't find watch-shells™ for your watch model, please contact us. Our team is willing to make shells for your watch model.

Q. How long will it take to receive my Watch-Shells™ order, and what is the cost?

A. In most cases, your order will ship the following business day, excluding Weekends & Holidays. However, the arrival time will depend on your selected preference of shipping at checkout. Orders received for delivery in South Korea will be shipped with a live tracking number by FedEx (No Charge). For international customers, your DHL shipment will have a live tracking number, and the package usually arrives in 2-4 business days.

Q. What if I would like to return my Watch-Shells™ protectors?

A. You may return your watch-shells™ for any reason as long as you follow the procedures listed in our return policy.

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WATCH-SHELLS ™  by Hartist and Company

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WATCH-SHELLS ™  by Hartist and Company

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WATCH-SHELLS ™  by Hartist and Company

©2018 All rights reserved.